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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 24, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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the white house kicks off a week of warnings about the $85 million in automatic spending cuts. tonight we're getting a better idea of how those cuts could affect california. good evening everyone i'm healther holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we'll have more on the sequester in a minute but we begin with breaking news. the coast guard is involved in a major operation right now trying to find four people who they say abandoned their sailboat after it by began taking on water. two of those people are children under the age of 8. ktvu's jade hernandez is
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standing by live with late details. >> reporter: we can show you the coast guard island in alameda. the u.s. coast guard tells us this family may have been in the water for 4-1/2 hours. the two adults and six children under the age of 8 sent out a distressed signal when the sailing vessel started taking in water. all the coast guard could get from the call was that the family was about 65 miles off of pillar point drifting south toward santa cruz. the four on board did not have life rafts or survival suits. in the latest communication, they were told the family was going to string together coolers and other floatable in order to get off the vessel and still stay afloat. >> instant survival depends on
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-- we weren't able to find out if they had life jackets. we know they didn't have life rafts or survival suits. >> reporter: rescue efforts began immediately after that call. they deployed a c130 plane from sacramento sent out a rescue boat from monterey and a state air national guard is right now mobilizing their efforts and again you see the coast guard station in alameda behind me because that's where a cutter just left that island to aid in this rescue operation. if we find any more information, if we get any more information in the next hour, we will bring it to you. reporting live, jade hernandez. for more on this rescue operation and the conditions out there right now we turn to our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> the conditions have been a little more hazardous over the next 24 hours. we do have craft advisories. if you're at the coast you probably notice an increase out of the swell. out of the west northwest with
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increasing wave heights throughout the afternoon and hazardous conditions. here's a look at some of the buoy reports offshore from 10 to 12 feet. we are watching closely the half-moon bay buoy currently at 11 feet. earlier this afternoon i didn't see a report approaching 13 feet. a closer inspection right now a water temperature at 55 degrees. winds will back up a little bit. still some hazardous seas with waves at 11 feet and still continuing through tonight and into tomorrow morning as the swells subside. the biggest concern today an increase in the wave heights. >> thank you, mark. in other news tonight, the looming cuts and federal spending. tonight we are getting a closer look at what the cuts could mean for california. we want to show you live picture of washington, d.c. lawmakers will get back in that building the nation's capital tomorrow after a week off to discuss the $85 billion in automatic budget cuts. ktvu's debra villalon combed through the white house on the
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impact of those cuts. >> reporter: longer lines and this seven page list of specific predictions we got just a few hours ago and it details the impacts for california. sequestration if it happens will slash almost $90 million from california teachers and schools putting jobs and campuses at risk and pushing students out of head start and work study programs. military funding would shrink by some $70 million for air force and army bases in the state. plus furloughs for more than 60,000 civilian defense workers. >> i think the american people are tired of the blame game. >> reporter: politicians know specifics get voters attention. >> there's no reason we should be playing this kindsover
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brainsmanship. >> reporter: so the rhetoric will take off. fewer job seekers get help. 50,000 fewer hiv tests. federal grants even keep meals coming for needy seniors. but republicans argue the president is pitching a worse case scenario and actual cuts will be gradual. >> families out there, businesses during this national recession have had to tighten their belts. we're talking about less than 3%. we're talking about a federal budget that's still going to grow. only in washington, d.c. is that a cut. >> reporter: new tax revenue paired with spending cuts and his cabinet is making that case. >> we don't have to be in this situation. this is not rocket science. we could solve this tomorrow if folks had the will to compromise, to come to the table and do the right thing for children and to try to keep growing the middle class i think that's what we all want to do. >> reporter: now that the deadline is just five days away. >> they're going to have to
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come to some kind of agreement together and hopefully they'll be able to do that intelligently. because we're looking at our leaders. >> guys with that type of experience, getting paid that kind of money should be able to get it solved in five days. they're not going to do it because they're playing political games. >> it's a game of chicken with jobs and programs at stake. >> reporter: now that every state has its own list, breaking down the impact the urgency on this should really pick up. we're live in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. for the complete list released today by the white house, just go to and click on the hop topics tab. california governor jerry brown and dozens of other governors attended a dinner tonight hosted by president obama. >> when we work together, democrats and republicans, north, south, east and west we can accomplish so much more than we can on our own.
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whether it's helping our citizens rebuild, from a horrific hurricane or a turbulent economic storm, we're stronger when we work together as a team. >> mr. obama did not mention the sequester cuts but he is expected to discuss the stalemate with those governors tomorrow. within the last few minutes we learned that fremont police arrested a man and a woman on suspicion of carjacking after a short chase that ended with several vehicles hit and one person injured. the incident happened here at the landing center. at the shopping center the car crashed into six vehicles and split a small tree in half before the two people inside took off on foot. a person inside was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. fire investigators think they know what caused a fire
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that displaced dozens of people. >> reporter: some 40 people were forced to evacuate the five story apartment building just before noon. >> there's cops screaming and banging on doors. they heard we were coming, no, no, no. i'm throwing on clothes. >> reporter: photos from one of our viewers show how much smoke was coming from a building. raul and kristin villalobos said they did not have time to look for a carrier. >> we stuffed sebastian in a sack and we went running. i was in the shower. so here we are. >> i'm glad we made it. nothing happened i guess. nobody is hurt. >> reporter: emergey crews got a jump start evacuating folks because two officers driving by saw the smoke and called for more help. >> there's a lot of older people in this building. there's a lot of young families so we assisted in getting everyone out of the building as safe as we could.
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>> reporter: the two alarm fire started at taqueria downstairs. >> it was grease flew coming up. >> reporter: the red cross is here helping all the people who were evacuated due to water and fire damage. at least eight families cannot return to their apartments. the red cross is putting them up for a few nights. in san francisco, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. another fire this one in san francisco's lower hayes neighborhood. the fire started around 11:30 p.m. near steiner. an assistant fire chief at the scene said crews had to work fast because they could see the fire was growing. >> we went to both sides of the line because building on both sides were threatened. one in the exposure were
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heavily damaged and are unoccupiable. >> known -- nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. oakland police are trying to identify a body. authorities told us that an anonymous caller reported seeing the body just south of jack lyndon square. it was partially pinned under a dock. investigators said they have not yet determined an proximate age. but they say it is the body of a male. we are hearing tonight that the arrest of mc hammer began as a traffic stop last thursday because his vehicle registration was expired. dublin police issued a statement saying that the rapper was driving a vehicle that did not belong to him and refused to exit the vehicle. they said he was argumentative but finally got out. he was arrested for obstructing and resisting the officer. mc hammer claims the officer is
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guilty of racial profiling. oakland raider dezmont bryant is dealing with an arrest in miami. this just weeks before he becomes a free agent. he showed up drunk at a neighbor's house and made a commotion. he was held on $1,000 bail for misdemeanor. his free agency begins on march 12. the man hunt is intensifying tonight for the man accused of killing an oakland rapper. police found this black suv they say was used by suspected gunman harris. harris has been arrested on charges of sexual assault, robbery and kid -p napping in the -- kid -p -- kidnapping in the past. the car struck a cab killing both the driver and his passengers in continuing
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coverage now on the resignation of pope benedict xvi. the pontiff today delivered his final message. he told the crowd that he will take up a life of prayer and meditation to quote continue serving the church. benedict announced earlier this month he will retire february 28th due to failing health. italian news reports says there are more serious reasons for the pope's departure. but many catholics are standing by the catholic church. >> i felt i really needed to be here at church today and pray for the best resolution for our
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leaders and for the pope. >> although benedict sites failing health, two newspapers say he is leaving to distance himself from a group of gay priests in the -- we'll take you to the greater number -- glitz and glamour. the brother of olympic actor pistorious is also facing legal foes. why he's now facing his own homicide investigation. in tonight's special report we take a look at how easy it is for people to buy illegal exotic pets.
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san francisco celebrating oscar night with lots of boas and bubbly. hundreds took in on the bash tonight. jade hernandez was at the big event that also raises money for suv. >> reporter: matthew glanca greets attendees on the red carpet. each person that came here is supporting hiv charities. tonight sponsor the academy of
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friends has raised thousands. >> this is an important issue that we take care of in our community. and we're still caring for it. >> it's the biggest oscars outside of the oscars. >> i'm wearing calvin kline, not too exciting. >> it's a dress made by my mother. >> reporter: for others this is not to be missed. >> it's like my super bowl. the bottom line is this is good work. >> among crowd favorites the live gold statuesque. >> you're getting a text message every time. >> which may help the academy raise their goal tonight as well as awareness. >> we still have thousands of people in our city and surrounding suburbs dealing with this.
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>> in san francisco, jade hernandez, kfv, u channel -- ktvu channel 2 news. diamond dave offered up entertainment. with the $10,000 plus raised tonight they should have enough money to fix a broken elevator which led to the closure of three upstairs vehicles. there were a few surprises at tonight's academy awards. the hostage rescue thriller argo won best picture. beating out lincoln, life of pi as well as les mis era bles. the top awards went to best actor ang li for life of pi. and andrew day lewis won for lincoln. a minor earthquake rattled parts of the east bay early
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this morning. the magnitude 3.0 quake hit at 1.65. it was centered 3 miles east northeast of fremont. the quake had a depth of five miles. police released an imagine of a man on a bike with a gun. a man tried to rob a man. the victim fought back and ran away without injury. the suspect is described as a black man in his late 20s wearing a burnt orange bulky jacket. he was driving a brown cruiser style bicycle. he may be connected to three other robberies. british police have released new details about pistoriuos and his late girlfriend. a friend of the father told
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pistorious to back up during the early days of dating. and the brother of pistorious the facing charges. a motorcyclists was killed. those charges were initially dropped but later reinstated. in tonight's special report it's happened twice in just the last month. alligators found in homes and kept as pets. fish and game warden says the bay area is a hot spot for the illegal trade of exotic animals. claudine wong says that they
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are really easy to get, but hard to take care of. >> she has quite an overbite and her teeth are sticking out rather than sticking out. >> reporter: that's because she did not grow in the wild or in a zoo. but in someone's home. >> this alligator from what i understand was running around in the bathroom. >> his job was the same as this cayman known as mr. teeth. who was guarding drugs. fish and wildlife officials say it's a booming business. >> the demand for these kind of animals just keeps ongoing. people are intrigued by the illegality of them.
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the dangerousness. the uniqueness of them. >> reporter: hedgehogs, turtles, a cooler of pay by alligators, even a bob cat found living in a san ramon apartment and most were bought online and shipped here. we had one of our news interns call. she told them she was from california but only one dealer refused to sell. most offered a way around the law. one oregon dealer told us we will not ship to california it's illegal to have them there. period. but when we pushed him asked him. will it be okay to go and get it and bring it back. his response, people do it all the time. no questions asked, we sell the way we want here. >> awesome, so i can just go by and buy a parrot. >> reporter: fish and wildlife officials say they track down a north carolina big cat breeder who shipped a mountain lion to a home in hayward. >> nothing really happened to
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the breeder. >> reporter: legally sellers and buyers can face jail time but authorities say that's rare. often they are simply given a fine. >> they are making decent money selling them. >> reporter: most people get no idea what they are getting into. >> the honey moon period usually only lasts about a month or two. >> reporter: the oakland zoo says it gets calls almost every single day from people who either can't handle the animals they have or don't know how to take care of them. in some cases, the zoo does rescue them. zoo fishes say the animals are suffering. mr.teeth died shortly after deputies found him. >> usually there in very poor condition. there's a good reason these animals don't make good pets. they require specialized care. >> reporter: if the legal penalties don't scare you and
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the welfare of animals doesn't sway you. think of your own because all animals grow up. and it won't be long before this 2-foot 2-pound gator you think you can handle becomes this 9'450-pound alligator that you certainly won't be able to. we'll have an update on this breaking news where a search isened way for four people missing -- search is on the way for four people missing in the gulf. why elite troops are being ordered out of one afghanistan from province and what it means in the war on terrorism. >> temperatures warmed up nicely. when 70s resurfaced and we will let you know if we have any rain chances in the forecast.
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the northeast is dealing with another blast of winter a snowstorm today blanketed new hampshire and the rest of new england with fresh snow.
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work crews all over the northeast rushed to get ahead of the storm. last week a blizzard left more than two feet of snow on the ground. in afghanistan, president karzite says that troops are responsibility for torturing. now he says u.s. special forces must leave the providence in the next week. it's seen as a gateway for the taliban to target kabul. u.s. officials say they take the allegations and misconduct seriously and are discussing them with their afghan counter parts. in cuba, president raul castro announced he will step down as president in 2018. the announcement came as the
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president accepted a new five year term as president. his brother former president fidel castro received a standing ovation during today's national assembly meeting. this is the first time he has appeared at this meeting in three years. the new secretary of the state john kerry is in london on his first trip overseas as america's chief diplomat. kerry is scheduled to visit nine countries in the next few days. the goal is to find the fix problem in syria. from nascar's biggest race to where it all begins. the significance of today's historic daytona 500 and its impact on young bay area race
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drivers. jimmy carter makes a visit here in the bay area. his harsh words for the obama administration and the challenge he issued to the audience.
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more now on that breaking news off the coast of san mateo county. an extensive search is on the way as the coast guard tries to find four people who are believed to have abandoned their sailboat. here's a live look. the coast guard told us they expect one of their two cutters to arrive in the area off the coast within the next hour. the coast guard says two of the four people who are on the boat or were on the boat are children under the age of 8. right now the search is centered about 65 miles off pillar point but the coast guard is asking the public for
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help. >> we don't currently know the name of the vessel. where they were going to or coming from or what the vessel looks like or any markings. if anybody has any information regarding this incident. they are asked to notify the coast guard immediately. here's a map of the area. about 65 miles off pillar point drifting south toward santa cruz. the coast guard says it does not know if the people aboard had life jackets, survival suits or a life raft when they abandoned their boat. danica patrick made more history today at the daytona 500. >> reporter: danica patrick made his treu by starting in poll position. hers a career that started on a much smaller track. >> yeah, this is how she started out. this is how it all starts out. >> reporter: jordan miller competes in the same motor sport where danica patrick got her start, cart racing.
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>> seriously you're like two inchs from the ground going 70 miles per hour down that straight away. it's practically nuts. >> reporter: 20-year-old miller was racing before patrick became a household name but not so for the driver of cart 522. >> my dad and danica patrick started me go cart driving. >> reporter: sophie races competitive. her first goal. >> i really want to beat my brother. >> reporter: you think that's going to happen? >> yeah. >> reporter: the driver's we talked to said regardless of the outcome of today's race there is clearly a momentum in motor sports. >> it really makes me so happy that there's so many girls out there like her triumphing over guys. >> reporter: well danica patrick has competed go carts
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at this raceway before. coming up a little later in sports wrap we will have all of the highlights from the daytona 500. including what jimmy johnson is saying about his victory. an exclusive ktvu field poll out tonight finds weaker support for doing something about climate change. 54% of those polled support taking action to combat global warming. that's down from 76% in 2006. here in the bay area support fell 2% and fewer now favor ab32. support for it drops by nine points. former president jimmy carter was in san francisco today talking war and peace and hollywood movies. allie rasmus told us, mr. carter did not hold himself back. >> i am going to cover some things here that might not be popular with some of you. >> reporter: the former
10:36 pm
president challenged the crowd. >> since word war ii, we've been constantly at war. our country is looked upon as the most at war country. >> reporter: he condemned president obama's use of drones. the message resinated. >> we can think of ourselves as a great country and at the same time that's what we are and see if there's room for improvement. >> getting us back to where the country stood for first and getting regrounded and what our values. >> reporter: were when it came to iran and north korea, carter was optimistic. >> i don't think any of those countries will be suicidal to use nuclear weapons. i hope we can prevent nuclear weapons by good fate talks. >> reporter: from hollywood fiction, president carter also gave his take on the accuracy
10:37 pm
of the oscar nominated film argo. based on the 1979 iran hostage crisis during his presidency, carter said some of the facts in the film are off. >> the movie role played about the american hero he was only there a day and a half. my judgment is that 90% of the credit for that heroic and brilliant move should have been with the canadians. aside from that, it's a vivid wonderful film. >> reporter: carter says the film is still his top choice for best picture. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu. >> the president was right, there you go? the sacramento kings are staying put. we'll tell you about a turping point on trying to keep the kings in sacramento. and our meteorologist mark tamayo is going to tell us what
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we have coming up for the workweek.
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well as advertising that warm up because the numbers from this afternoon they warmed up nicely. we have even warmer temperatures coming up on the five day forecast map in a little bit. as far as the highs from today, they range from 60 to 68. right now we are in the clear. just a few high clouds approaching northern california those high clouds will be moving into the bay area for the overnight hours. as far as temperatures, with the clearing skies there dropping off rapidly, they have been dropping off rapidly over the past hour or so. you can see already some upper 30s right toward napa and
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nevado. those percents of averages really coming down. santa rosa right now 88% of average. san francisco at 83% and san jose 74%. and there are no rain drops showing up on the extended weather charts. as far as overnight lows, definitely want to bundle up. coolest locations will be in the lower 30s out toward napa, san francisco 95 and livermore in the mid-30s. basically just falling apart. more sunshine for your monday. the dry weather pattern is here to stay. as that storm track heads to the north. for wednesday, thursday and friday we will begin to work things up and look what happens by friday march 3rd. we will be approaching 70 to 73 degrees on friday. that will be the warmest day of the week. here's our forecast model showing you this. a few high clouds moving into the region from the north.
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tomorrow morning at 6:00. once again another round of full sunshine by 2:00, 3:00. clear skies for monday night that will carry over into tuesday as well. forecast highs for tomorrow, these numbers not a big change from today. warmest locations in the mid- 60s toward concord. you can see 64. oakland 63, san jose in the lower 60s. these temperatures checking in right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures holding steady for tuesday, look what happens later in the week by thursday and by friday. warmest locations on friday. we're talking about lower 70s. a few changes changes for your weekend with the weekend in view. still heather and ken it will feel like spring in the next few days. >> okay, thank you mark. >> thanks, mark. this week could be a turning point for the sacramento kings a private group is reportedly close to finishing a competitive bid to buy the basketball team and keep it in sacramento.
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major kevin johnson is asking the city council to start negotiations for a downtown sports center. sacramento has been fighting off a bid from a group of seattle investors that want to move the team there. danica patrick may have gotten a lot of attention at the daytona 500 but it was another driver that stole the spotlight at the finish line. >> and alex smith on the move? alex fonzi has all the details for you on sports wrap.
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